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Brisbane and Gold Coast Property Maintenance Services

Maintain-us Carpentry Services

Carpentry Services

Maintain-Us has the skills and experience across a wide range of carpentry works.  Ranging from the foundation to the roof on the outside of your property and the bathroom through to the garage on the inside.

Maintain-us Plastering Services

Plastering Services

Maintain-Us has the skills and experience to cover all your plastering needs in large and small areas.  I can repair all defects on walls and ceilings. Contact us today for a free quote on all our plastering services.

Maintain-us Landscaping Services

Landscaping Services

Maintain-Us provides a large range of landscaping services.  If you have a backyard or front entrance that needs a complete makeover or just a few basic touch ups to give your property that finished look.

Maintain-us Gardening Services

Gardening Services

Maintain-Us gardening and property maintenance, can be trusted with all your gardening needs. Is your property looking neglected and needs a makeover?  Contact us to learn how we can help.

Maintain-us Painting Services

Painting Services

Maintain-Us take all of their skill and bring it to the final product, painting.  This is the finish of the project whether it be the inside or outside of your property.  I take the time and preparation work to get the job done properly.

Maintain-us Cleaning Services

Cleaning Services

Maintain-Us can facilitate all of your cleaning needs. Does your property badly need a spruce up, or is dust that has built up over a period of time making your assets looked weathered? Contact us for a free quote today.

Maintain-Us offer a prompt, reliable and friendly service accompanied with quality workmanship. We pride ourselves in maintaining a high standard in every service we provide and strive to exceed customer expectations. Contact us today to discuss your property maintenance requirements.

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