How to tell if your lawn has grubs

Grubs feed on your lawn throughout the summer. It is important to tackle grubs early in their life cycle before they cause damage. The damage will become visible in later summer and by then there may be permanent damage to your lawn. Grubs attract other pests such as skunks and opossums. These animals will dig up your lawn while scouting for grubs. Recognize the signs of a grub infestation and take care of the problem as soon as possible.
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Gold Coast and Brisbane Plastering Maintenance

Besides the roof there is no more important structure for the protection of the dwelling than the wall of the home. Early men who never had the luxury of a cave draped hides over a framework or stacked rocks to fend off the wind and sleet. The people of the North American plains used buffalo hides to this effect. In other parts of the world a lime paste was mixed with sand to fill the holes in rock walls.
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How to prevent graffiti

Tips for Graffiti Prevention
To step up graffiti prevention efforts, consider the following:

  1. Keep up the neighborhood
    Make every effort to keep the appearance of a neighborhood clean and neat.1Remove litter and trash, fix broken fences, trim landscape, and ensure all lighting is working properly. According to the Los Angeles Police Department, an exterior appearance that suggests apathy and neglect attracts vandals.2
  2. Remove graffiti promptly
    Rapid removal of graffiti is an effective prevention tool. Data shows that removal within 24 to 48 hours results in a nearly zero rate of recurrence.3 Most Keep America Beautiful affiliates credit the reduction in graffiti in their communities to rapid removal.4
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Detecting water damage in your old house

There is no doubt that many old houses are plagued by problems. One of the biggest issues, whether the house is modern or ancient, is the threat of water damage. It can wreck havoc on a home, and unfortunately it doesn’t take long — one serious storm could be enough to result in damage that requires many hours of labor and thousands of dollars to repair.

Sometimes the damage is quite evident, and can be easily spotted by the untrained eye. But it can also be a very subtle problem that creeps up on you, creating significant destruction before you even realize it’s there.
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